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What's going on?

Want to introduce yourself, or leaving the server for a while? Let us know :D

What's going on?

Postby Ninjaguy124 » 22 Apr 2017, 18:54

Hey all,

It's been a long time (maybe a year or 2?) but I've decided to come back to the server. I was sort of surprised to find that nobody's ever on the server and forums are mostly quiet. Whats going on? Is Sheepserver dead?

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Re: What's going on?

Postby Mr_Fezzington » 25 Apr 2017, 15:45

not sure, ive recently re-joined and havent seen anyone else online yet
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Re: What's going on?

Postby OrionAurora2 » 02 May 2017, 03:23

I guess the short answer is that real life hit us hard? I know I've been busy with my senior year in school.

Perhaps we are due for a reboot or a sky island map?
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Re: What's going on?

Postby kill_dolores » 07 Jun 2017, 18:56

For me it's been a lot between having a job, quitting it and having some rough times with my dumb psyche. I've been playing some modded MC but talked to Orion and Xilioth about a reboot and update to a newer version.
Currently, the version we are on is not interesting to me anymore, at all, since there have been SO many changes.
I don't know about what happened to other people tho. I guess it's somewhere between real life and just the usual old map getting kinda boring for people.
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Re: What's going on?

Postby Zkyo » 15 Jun 2017, 07:58

I haven't been on in a while either, but I'd like to get back into it sometime too. I have had much less time to play the past few years since I got a job, and it's been seriously draining me, leaving me with very little time and energy. I also started having problems with anxiety and panic attacks, due to said exhaustion, but I'm getting past that now. So yeah, that along with hardly anyone else playing kinda drove me away for the past few months. I did recently get an xbox one too, so that's been a nice distraction lol. I'm all for updating the server and restarting the world too.
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